Crowdfunding Platform

Development & Implementation of Cloud based Curated Business Intelligence Platform for US Financial Professionals to manage large security portfolios.


Key Features

  • Pre-Transaction- User Registration & Profile Management
  • During Transaction- Investment Opportunity Management
    • Issuer- Manage Opportunity Information
    • Crowdfunding Review Team- Review of Opportunity
    • Crowdfunding Admin- Publish the opportunity for Rating to investors
    • Investors- Review the opportunity
  • Post Transaction- Investment Opportunity Details
    • Workflow if Investment is Successful
    • Workflow if Investment is not Successful
  • Opportunity specific Events Management
  • Crowdfunding Admin Dashboard & Reports
  • Business Valuation using Equidam


Tools and Technologies

  • HTML

  • Bootstrap

  • jQuery

  • Amazonweb

  • Stripe

  • Lemonway

  • Amcharts

  • Melissa

  • Equidam

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