Forecasting The Financial Future

Cloud-based Long Term Equity Investment Platform using Machine Learning Algorithms to analyse & predict number of stocks for investment.


Business Problem

A boutique hedge fund management company wanted to improve the return on the investment by analyzing more number stocks to invest than they were able to do with the existing staff of 5 analysts costing them more than $1M/year. Currently, they were analyzing less than 100 stocks wherein there are more than 8000 listed stocks.



Cloud-based Long Term Equity Investment Platform

  • Built 18 algorithms with releasing 6 models to production for achieving 95% accuracy
  • Helping analyze more than 8000 stock which was humanly not possible
  • "Brain-like AI" - Replicated brain with 22 years of experience
  • Tool is able to provide recommendation, Simulation and Portfolio at a click of button
  • Probability / Confidence scores at every stage of training data
  • Auto relearn capability


Business ROI

  • Time-Saving : Using Predikly's solution, the customer was able to analyze 8000+ stocks in less than 5 min.
  • Increased Efficiency :Instead of a team of 5 analysts , the stocks could be validated with 1 semi-qualified person
  • $s Saving : With only .5 person on staff Resulting in saving of $1.1M for each year.
  • Increased Throughput : Ability to track larger number of stocks.


Tools and Technologies

  • Python

  • PostgreSQL

  • Python-Flask

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Bootstrap

Analysed Performance


Stocks Analysed


Years of Data Analysed


Input Attributes


Data Points


Yearly Predicted Returns


Reliability of Model

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