18 | Dec, 2018

Workforce Of The Future: A Closer Look At Robotic Process Automation

We all have heard the word automation, and we have seen an automation wave crash through our personal and professional lives over the past decade. It was fascinating to talk with my wife, who works in the medical field, about how automation is helping her industry to increase the productivity of its workers.

Blood testing is a common clinical procedure. Before automation, someone had to load all the blood tubes manually, and the priority sample had to be sequenced manually. But with the automation and computer vision with smart optical character recognition, the tubes get loaded automatically and are prioritized based on their barcodes. Before automation, every blood tube had to be opened and loaded. But with automation, now the tubes need to be loaded only once. Through the course of our conversation, she explained that automation not only frees up time for her and her fellow employees at work and but that it allows them to be more productive.

It made me realize how automation is all around us. From a ticket-dispensing machine at your local AMC theater to a gold coin dispenser in Dubai, all of these machines contribute to convenience and the availability of services. But what is the next tier of automation and how is it affecting the workplace?

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