Collections Credit Card

Collections Credit Card

Use Case Summary

Client is one of North America's safest and most successful trucking companies. They have numerous websites and applications on the IT landscape. One of the largest truck companies in the nation with over 1900 tractors and 5200 trailers. Currently they are doing this process manually, which is time consuming and error prone. Collection of credit card transaction to maintaining daily record was challenging for the client.

Current Challenges

This daily task takes approximately 10 minutes to process a single charge, leading to significant manual efforts and a higher risk of human errors. The need for meticulous record keeping further complicates the process. Automating this daily transaction processing is essential to streamline operations, reduce manual efforts, and minimize the potential for errors in handling credit card transactions.

Solution Implemented

Developed a custom bot with the capability to interact with the credit card processing system, initiate transactions, and handle communication with financial systems. Integrated the bot with tools and APIs to ensure real-time data exchange and coordination with Client financial infrastructure. Implemented advanced encryption protocols within the bot, adhering to PCI DSS standards to ensure the secure handling of credit card data. Conducted regular maintenance of the bot, performed frequent audits, and had contingency plans in place to address any technical issues promptly.

Business Benefits

Significant Time Savings: Reduced the processing time for each credit card transaction, improving overall operational efficiency. Improved Record Keeping: Real-time and accurate transaction records contributed to better financial reporting and analysis. Minimized Manual Efforts: Automated repetitive tasks associated with transaction processing, reducing the need for manual intervention. Reduced Human Errors: Automation decreased the risk of human errors in handling credit card transactions.


90 %


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Time Saving

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