MoneyGram Process​

MoneyGram Process

Use Case Summary

The current business problem revolves around the manual execution of three key processes within MoneyGram user management: Add User, Modification/Data Change User, and Terminate User. Users submit tasks, and these tasks require manual handling to perform the necessary actions.

Current Challenges

The existing process relies heavily on manual intervention for executing MoneyGram user management tasks. Manual processes are susceptible to errors during the execution of user-related tasks. This manual effort is time-consuming and prone to human errors, potentially leading to inefficiencies and inaccuracies in user data management. The current process lacks automation, leading to inefficiencies and delays in handling user tasks. Inaccurate data or actions can have severe consequences, affecting the integrity of user information and potentially causing compliance issues. Managing the three distinct processes (Add User, Modification/Data Change User, Terminate User) involves repetitive and resource-intensive manual tasks. This creates unnecessary overheads, limiting the scalability and responsiveness of the user management system.

Solution Implemented

The automated solution involves the use of a bot to validate and execute tasks related to user management. The bot seamlessly integrates ServiceNow (SNOW) and MoneyGram applications, utilizing APIs to fetch and update data. The process encompasses task validation, execution, status update in SNOW, and a daily summary report sent to the business.

Business Benefits

Real Time Data Synchronization: Utilization of APIs ensures real-time data synchronization between SNOW and MoneyGram. Resource Optimization: Automation optimizes resource utilization by reducing the need for manual intervention. Minimized Compliance Risk: Automated processes adhere to predefined criteria, reducing the risk of non-compliance. Reduced Error Rate: Bot processes data with high accuracy which reduced error rate compared to manual process. Reduced Time: Process is completed in less time.


80 %

Time Saved

20 %

Reduction In Labor Cost

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