Order Credit Invoice Process

Order Credit Invoice Process

Use Case Summary

The client, a rapidly growing mortgage banker in the United States, aims to enhance operational efficiency by implementing Automation Anywhere RPA tools. Currently, the manual process of uploading Credit Invoice files to Encompass is time-consuming and error-prone. This involves generating credit invoices for each Credit Reference Number from the CTI Network Website and manually importing them into Encompass Loans. The goal is to automate these steps, reducing manual effort, mitigating errors, and improving overall process efficiency.

Current Challenges

The client faces several challenges with the current manual process of uploading Credit Invoice files to Encompass: Time-Consuming Process: The manual generation and uploading of credit invoices for each Credit Reference Number is a time-intensive task, slowing down overall operations. Error-Prone Workflow: Human involvement in the process increases the risk of errors such as data entry mistakes, leading to potential discrepancies in loan information. Inefficiency in Scaling: As the mortgage banker experiences growth, the manual process becomes less scalable, making it challenging to handle a larger volume of loans and credit invoices.

Solution Implemented

The solution implemented using Automation Anywhere RPA tools involves the creation of automated bots to streamline the credit invoice file upload process for Encompass. Firstly, an RPA bot is designed to log into the CTI Network Website, automating the authentication process and navigating to the credit invoice generation page. Subsequently, another bot automates the generation of credit invoices for each Credit Reference Number, extracting relevant information and saving the invoices. To seamlessly integrate with Encompass, a separate bot logs into the system and navigates to the section where credit invoices are imported into loans. The automation ensures data validation and uploads the generated credit invoices accurately. Robust error-handling mechanisms are implemented, with detailed logging for troubleshooting and auditing. Following comprehensive testing, the RPA bots are deployed to the production environment, and documentation is provided for training and maintenance purposes. Continuous improvement is emphasized, allowing the client to adapt the solution to evolving requirements and maintain optimal efficiency in their mortgage banking operations.

Business Benefits

Increased Efficiency: Automation significantly reduces the time required for manual tasks, accelerating the credit invoice file upload process and improving overall operational efficiency. Scalability: The automated process is easily scalable, allowing the organization to handle a growing volume of loans and credit invoices without a proportional increase in manual effort. Data Analytics Opportunities: The availability of accurate and structured data from the automated processes creates opportunities for advanced analytics, enabling the organization to derive valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Faster Turnaround Time: The streamlined and automated workflow leads to faster turnaround times for credit invoice uploads, enabling the mortgage banker to meet tight deadlines and improve overall service responsiveness. Environmental Impact: Automation reduces the need for physical paperwork and manual record-keeping, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable business operation.


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