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Professional Services

Predikly's Professional Services

Use Predikly’s 10 years of experience in building IT products for multiple customers worldwide. We have expertise from product ideation to commercialization including product design, engineering, enhancement & support. We help businesses transform their product roadmap using an agile approach. Don’t be left behind. Start Your Professional Services Journey.

Predikly Expertise

Technology Assessment during Product Ideation

To identify and finalize right set of technologies for the product/App

Build Product MVP

Focus on Product’s value proposition – Helps you to validate with customers and get early feedback

Product Architecture & Design

Future ready architecture which is cloud ready, loosely coupled and with high cohesion (micro-services)

App/Product Development & Support

From conceptualization to deployment and beyond, we provide end-to-end app development and support services

Platform-led Application Development

Leverage modern platforms for efficient application/product development and deployment

Product Enhancements & Support

Vital to adapt to changing user needs, incorporate technological advancements, and maintain competitiveness contributing to the long-term success

Technology Upgrades

Stay ahead of the technology curve with our expert-driver technology upgrade services

Legacy Modernization

We help you stay agile, competitive and responsive to evolving market demands by updating outdated systems, This helps to improve operational efficiency, enhance security

Application led Cloud Migration

Seamlessly migrate your applications to the cloud for increased scalability, reliability, availability, flexibility & security


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