Automation of Sales Quotation Process

Use Case Summary

The use case you described involves managing a high volume of Sales Quote requests from various customers with diverse formats and quality.

The key challenges include identifying and mapping part numbers, checking inventory for quantity and pricing, and generating accurate Sales Quotes promptly.

To address this scenario, a comprehensive solution could be implemented, integrating automation and intelligent systems.

Current Challenges

Data Variability: Sales Quote requests come in different formats, layouts, and quality, making it challenging for the client to extract and interpret information accurately.

Data Mapping and Validation: Matching and validating extracted data with existing databases was complex, especially when dealing with discrepancies or changes in part numbers.

Real-time Inventory Updates: Maintaining real-time updates of inventory levels poses a challenge, especially when dealing with a large volume of Sales Quote requests.

Solution Implemented

Solution proposed is comprehensive and covers various aspects of the challenges involved in processing Sales Quotes.

Utilizing inputs in Word, Excel, and PDF formats showcases versatility in handling diverse document types. This approach allows for a more flexible and inclusive system, accommodating the varied preferences of customers.

Integration with ePRONTO e-commerce Solution: Integration with an e-commerce solution enhances the end-to-end process, from quote generation to potential order fulfilment.

Automation of Item Identification and Mapping: Implementing extensive logic for item number identification and mapping is crucial for accuracy in the Sales Quote generation process. This ensures that the system can handle the complexity of diverse item numbers and maintain data integrity.

Auto-generation of Sales Quotations and Customer Communication:. It streamlines the workflow and reduces the time between the quote request and the customer’s receipt of the quote.

Exception Handling and Data Reentry: Incorporating extensive exception handling mechanisms is vital for managing discrepancies and outliers effectively. The ability to handle data reentry ensures that any required corrections or adjustments can be made efficiently.

Audit Logging and Reporting: Including audit logging provides a transparent record of system activities, contributing to accountability and compliance. Reporting functionalities are crucial for monitoring system performance, identifying trends, and making informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Business Benefits

Customer Variability: Successfully handling Sales Quotes for 125 customers demonstrates scalability and adaptability to a large and varied customer base.

High Accuracy: Achieving an accuracy rate of 95% or higher is a significant accomplishment. This ensures that the Sales Quote processing is reliable and minimizes errors, contributing to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Efficiency in Vendor Onboarding: The quick adaptation to new vendors suggests an efficient onboarding process. This is particularly valuable when dealing with a large number of vendors or when the vendor landscape undergoes changes.

API-Based Integration: Integration with ePRONTO e-commerce solution using Rest APIs improves data exchange and communication between systems. API-based integration typically leads to faster and more reliable processing, enhancing the overall quality and responsiveness of the Sales Quote generation.



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