Process Discovery & Prioritization

Process Discovery & Prioritization

Get Insights For Effective Automation

Why Should You Do Process Discovery?

Process discovery is vital for identification of automation opportunities, streamlining and optimizing operations. It aids you to map your existing workflows, to pinpoint repetitive tasks suitable for automation, leading to increased efficiency, reduced errors, and strategic resource allocation. Take advance of Predikly’s expertise in use of automated process discovery tools to quickly understand your organ

How Process Discovery can help your Enterprise?

Process discovery is a foundational step for effective software automation. It provides the necessary insights to determine which processes are suitable for automation, allowing organizations to leverage technology to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and achieve strategic objectives.
Process discovery is crucial for software automation for several reasons:

Identify Automation Opportunities

Enhance Visibility

Strategic Resource Allocation

Efficiency Improvement

Speed Up Processes

Ensuring Compliance

Adapt to Change

Reduce Human Errors

Identify Cost Savings Opportunities

Predikly's Process Discovery Methodology

Automated Process Discovery

Captures the users' digital footprint to discover data at scale across all user interactions, applications, people, and geographies

Scout's intelligence turns the data into multiple sources of insights like People insights, Work Insights, and Technology insights

Each of the insights power the tool's capabilities in Task Discovery, Process Discovery, Process Insights, and Process Designer (Scout Studio)

Once a process is finalized, SOROCO platform automatically generates process documentation as well as RPA/BPM code

Enables Automatic process documentation & analysis, thereby saving time and resources

Identifies the correct processes for automation for business users

Enables business analysts and RPA developers to accelerate automation and maximize RPA ROI

Converts automation opportunities into bot prototypes for further development & deployment

Continuous, automatic discovery rapidly uncovers processes and variations without disrupting employee workflow.

Build an enterprise-wide map of operations, down to the granular, day-to-day level, where people, apps, and data interact.

Pinpoint inefficiencies to reveal optimal process paths, reduce time to automation, and fuel hyperautomation.

Identify high-efficiency teams and see where automation can improve CX, resolve bottlenecks, and boost compliance.

Manual Process Discovery

Conducted based on Predikly’s process framework, templates & best practices

Key Deliverables

1. Discovery Readout Deck
2. Recommendations
3. Roadmap
4. High Level Schedule and Budge

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