Process Discovery & Prioritization

Get Insights For Effective Automation

Why Should You Do Process Discovery?

Process discovery is vital for identification of automation opportunities, streamlining and optimizing operations. It aids you to map your existing workflows, to pinpoint repetitive tasks suitable for automation, leading to increased efficiency, reduced errors, and strategic resource allocation.

Take advance of Predikly’s expertise in use of automated process discovery tools to quickly understand your organ

How Process Discovery can help your Enterprise?

Process discovery is a foundational step for effective software automation. It provides the necessary insights to determine which processes are suitable for automation, allowing organizations to leverage technology to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and achieve strategic objectives.

Process discovery is crucial for software automation for several reasons:

Identify Automation Opportunities

Facilitates a strategic approach to adopting automation by targeting processes that are ripe for transformation, leading to both immediate and long-term enhancements in workflow.

Enhance Visibility
Greater insight into business processes fosters informed decision-making, allowing for proactive rather than reactive management, and ultimately enhancing operational transparency.
Strategic Resource Allocation
Streamlines resource distribution by aligning investment with the most beneficial processes, thus optimizing organizational output and strategic impact.
Efficiency Improvement
Automation refines processes, trimming the excess from operations, allowing businesses to do more with less and improving overall throughput.
Speed Up Processes
Shortens cycle times for critical processes, providing competitive advantages by enabling faster response to customer needs and market demands.
Ensuring Compliance
Integrates compliance within the process workflow, ensuring regulatory adherence automatically and reducing the burden of compliance checks.
Adapt to Change
Builds a resilient operational framework that can quickly pivot and adapt to evolving business landscapes and technological advancements.
Reduce Human Errors
Minimizes the likelihood of mistakes by substituting manual process elements with automated solutions, enhancing output quality.
Identify Cost Savings Opportunities
Sheds light on inefficient practices, guiding companies towards cost-reduction strategies through intelligent automation investments.

Predikly's Process Discovery Methodology

Predikly’s Process Discovery Methodology is a structured approach designed to guide businesses through the initial phases of identifying and implementing automation.

It begins with planning and setup, focusing on stakeholder identification and preparation of the necessary infrastructure. This is followed by a data collection phase, where operational data is gathered and prepared for analysis.

The process discovery stage involves a thorough review of this data to identify potential areas for automation. The subsequent analysis phase assesses these opportunities, looking at various parameters to prioritize where automation could be most beneficial.

Finally, the methodology concludes with a detailed report and a roadmap for automation, outlining the processes to be automated and the expected outcomes.
This end-to-end methodology is crucial for organizations looking to optimize their operations through automation.

Automated Process Discovery

Captures the users’ digital footprint to discover data at scale across all user interactions, applications, people, and geographies

Scout’s intelligence turns the data into multiple sources of insights like People insights, Work Insights, and Technology insights

Each of the insights power the tool’s capabilities in Task Discovery, Process Discovery, Process Insights, and Process Designer (Scout Studio)

Once a process is finalized, SOROCO platform automatically generates process documentation as well as RPA/BPM code

Enables Automatic process documentation & analysis, thereby saving time and resources

Identifies the correct processes for automation for business users

Enables business analysts and RPA developers to accelerate automation and maximize RPA ROI

Converts automation opportunities into bot prototypes for further development & deployment

Continuous, automatic discovery rapidly uncovers processes and variations without disrupting employee workflow.

Build an enterprise-wide map of operations, down to the granular, day-to-day level, where people, apps, and data interact.

Pinpoint inefficiencies to reveal optimal process paths, reduce time to automation, and fuel hyperautomation.

Identify high-efficiency teams and see where automation can improve CX, resolve bottlenecks, and boost compliance.

Manual Process Discovery

Conducted based on Predikly’s process framework, templates & best practices

Key Deliverables
Discovery Readout Deck
High Level Schedule and Budge

Additional Benefits Of Process Discovery For Your Enterprise

Process discovery can offer a wealth of additional benefits to an enterprise, enhancing various aspects of business operations. These benefits include:

  1. Streamlining Operations: By identifying redundant and inefficient workflows, process discovery can streamline operations, leading to increased throughput and optimized resource use.
  2. Cost Reduction: A detailed analysis of current processes can reveal areas where costs can be reduced without compromising output quality.
  1. Compliance Management: Ensuring processes are in line with regulatory requirements becomes easier with a thorough understanding of the workflows.
  2. Enhanced Agility: A clear view of processes allows businesses to be more agile and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.
  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction: By streamlining client-facing processes, businesses can offer quicker and more reliable services, improving overall customer satisfaction.
  4. Employee Engagement: Reducing time spent on mundane tasks increases opportunities for staff to engage in more meaningful work, boosting morale and retention.
  5. Innovation Enablement: Freeing up resources from routine tasks allows an enterprise to focus on innovation and the development of new products and services.
  6. Strategic Planning: A clear understanding of current processes aids in better forecasting and strategic planning for future growth.
  7. Risk Mitigation: With an improved understanding of processes, potential risks can be identified and mitigated before they become issues.
  8. Quality Assurance: Consistency in processes, which can be ensured through discovery, leads to improved quality assurance and customer trust.

Why do you need effective software automation?

Effective software automation is a critical component for modern businesses seeking to optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and maintain competitiveness in the digital age.

The need for effective software automation stems from the desire to streamline complex processes, reduce manual intervention, and eliminate the risks associated with human error.

Automation tools can handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing human resources to focus on higher-value activities that require creativity and strategic thought.

This shift in resource allocation not only boosts productivity but also enhances job satisfaction among employees, as they engage in more meaningful work.

Moreover, software automation ensures that business operations can scale seamlessly in response to market demands without the need to increase staff or resources proportionally.

This scalability is essential for businesses that experience fluctuating demand or are in growth phases. In addition, automation software improves accuracy in tasks such as data entry, calculations, and reporting, which is vital for maintaining data integrity and making informed business decisions.

In an environment where compliance and regulatory adherence are increasingly scrutinised, automation provides a consistent and reliable means to maintain compliance with less effort and reduced risk of penalties.

Additionally, by providing insights into operational efficiencies, software automation aids in strategic planning and helps businesses stay agile and responsive to changes in the marketplace.

In customer-facing functions, automation enables businesses to provide a higher level of service, with faster response times and personalized communication, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Finally, by reducing the overhead associated with manual processes, businesses can achieve cost savings and a faster return on investment.

In summary, effective software automation is not just about technology implementation; it’s about strategically upgrading enterprise operations to harness the full potential of digital transformation, leading to sustainable growth and a robust competitive position.

Who can benefit from Process Discovery & Prioritization?

Industries across the board can reap significant benefits from Process Discovery & Prioritization. This approach is particularly valuable in sectors with high-volume, repetitive tasks or where compliance and precision are paramount.

The financial sector, for instance, can utilize it for loan processing, compliance reporting, and fraud detection. Healthcare benefits through improved patient data management and insurance claims processing. Manufacturing can streamline its supply chain and inventory management.

The technology sector can enhance its software development lifecycle, while retail can refine its customer service and inventory systems. Telecommunications companies can optimize their network operations and customer service processes.

Moreover, the public sector can implement Process Discovery & Prioritization to enhance service delivery and manage public records efficiently.

The energy sector can optimize its monitoring and maintenance of energy grids. In the transportation and logistics industry, there is significant scope for improvement in logistics planning, fleet management, and operational efficiencies.

The education sector can benefit from streamlined administrative processes and personalized learning experiences. Lastly, the hospitality industry can enhance guest services and back-end operations.

Each industry faces unique challenges and competition, and Process Discovery & Prioritization offers a tailored approach to overcome these hurdles, boost efficiency, and drive innovation.

By identifying the right processes to automate and optimize first, any industry can focus its resources on areas with the highest return on investment and strategic value.