Intelligence Process Automation

Intelligence Process Automation

Giving Intelligence To Your Bots

Make AI as integral part of your RPA Journey

Integrate AI with RPA to elevate your organizations automation capabilities, allowing you to automate more complex tasks, improve decision-making, handle unstructured data, and enhance overall process efficiency, adaptability, and improved decision-making abilities.

How can Intelligence Process Automation Help You?

Cognitive Automation

Adaptive Learning

Decision-Making Capabilities

Enhanced Automation of Complex Tasks

Data Extraction and Interpretation

Adaptive Exception Handling

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Customer Interaction and Engagement

Intelligent Process Automation

Use of RPA, machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Learning together make up the intelligence process automation workflow. Use intelligent document digitization & data extraction solution using Automation Anywhere’s IQBot and other OCR engines (from Microsoft, Google etc.).

High Level Steps to Implement IPA


IQBot is the only AI-driven Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that can be easily set up and used to read and process a variety of complex documents automatically. By learning from human behavior, IQBot becomes faster and more accurate while reducing setup and operational costs.
IQBot brings structure to unstructured data by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to extract and digitize the information.

Bring Intelligence to Automation Anywhere RPA Tool

Create Learning Instance

the information that has to be extracted from the documents needs to be specified. Key information can be specified to help the extraction process—for example, document type, language and fields. The required documents are uploaded to get an in-depth analysis report.

Document Analysis

The bot identifies: a. Similar documents and groups them. b. Groups that are more likely to return all the required fields. c. Groups that should be trained to ensure maximum veracity.

Bot training

At this stage, the user is able to review and adjust the automatic field name and value mappings that the cognitive system suggests. One document is selected per group and the bot is trained by mapping the required field and setting up validation rules. The selected document must capture the traits of the maximum number of documents in the group. Moreover, this bot, when sent to production, will process all the documents identified as part of this group.


At this stage, all the unprocessed documents become available for human validation. Users need to go through the validation errors and correct them. The IQ Bot simultaneously learns by observing human behavior and is trained continuously.

Progress Monitoring

The IQ Bot dashboard helps in monitoring the progress of the learning instances in production.

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