Kick Start: Automation Journey

Kickstart Your Automation Journey

For Quick Wins

Why should Organizations Focus on it?

It helps validate the feasibility of the initiative, mitigates risks, optimizes resource allocation. gather user feedback, and support decision-making before committing to large-scale implementations. This approach controls costs, and helps assess technology integration with existing systems. Ultimately, it aligns technology solutions with organizational strategies, and refining concepts before full-scale implementation.

Demonstrate Quick Wins

As per a study, employees spend 2.2 hours per day on administrative tasks such as searching for information, approving paperwork, and processing documents. Process automation can complete these tasks much faster and error-free.

Facilitate Adaptation

Organizations lose 20 to 30% of revenue every year due to inefficient processes. Alongside the cost of labor, there’s the cost of lost profit.

Mitigate Risks

When cumbersome tasks are delegated to a digital solution, multiple processes can be handled simultaneously. This leads to higher productivity.

Build Team Competence

Erring is human; mistakes happen. Manual slip-ups, inefficiency points, and delays are inevitable. Removing the risk of errors makes the process smoother and helps avoid redundant operations. With RPA, the likelihood of errors dramatically decreases.

Enhance Stakeholder Confidence

Automation is not just about defining a set of rules for routing documents. It also includes setting up security measures, confidentiality protection & retention methods for personal data With RPA, every activity is traceable and under control, thereby ensuring better compliance with relevant regulations.

Encourage Incremental Progress

Convenience and fast access to a service are key features customers are looking for. The automation of a business process accelerates the service delivery for the end-user.

How to Kickstart your Automation Journey?

Education on RPA

1. What is RPA, what can be and can-not be automated.
2. Automation Anywhere product suite.
3. RPA licensing needs.
4. RPA implementation timelines.
5. Customer Involvement.
6. Set expectations on ROI.
7. Predikly RPA Expertise.

Develop Proof of Concept

It involves one week POC, demo & customer feedback. It help customer understand Predikly capabilities and RPA development lifecycle.

Identify Low Hanging Fruits to Show Quick Results

It involves simple processes which can show quick results to customer, pick up process which customer sponsor prefers and repetitive and rule based process.

Automate 1-2 Simple to Medium Processes

The above process comprises of do not consider more than 2 processes, finalize AA license, implement & deploy process automation and plan for support.

Ready to take your RPA journey to the next level?