Fast Track: Automation Journey

Fasttrack Your Automation Journey

To Stay Competitive & Relevant

Accelerate your IT Transformation journey

Organizations need to accelerate digital transformation to stay competitive. The importance of digital transformation cannot be neglected and if you don't transform, your competitors will, resulting in you losing business. We will help you accelerate your digital transformation journey by leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Competitive Advantage

As per a study, employees spend 2.2 hours per day on administrative tasks such as searching for information, approving paperwork, and processing documents. Process automation can complete these tasks much faster and error-free.

Operational Efficiency

Organizations lose 20 to 30% of revenue every year due to inefficient processes. Alongside the cost of labor, there’s the cost of lost profit.

Customer Experience Improvement

When cumbersome tasks are delegated to a digital solution, multiple processes can be handled simultaneously. This leads to higher productivity.

Cost Savings

Erring is human; mistakes happen. Manual slip-ups, inefficiency points, and delays are inevitable. Removing the risk of errors makes the process smoother and helps avoid redundant operations. With RPA, the likelihood of errors dramatically decreases.

Innovation and Agility

Automation is not just about defining a set of rules for routing documents. It also includes setting up security measures, confidentiality protection & retention methods for personal data With RPA, every activity is traceable and under control, thereby ensuring better compliance with relevant regulations.


Convenience and fast access to a service are key features customers are looking for. The automation of a business process accelerates the service delivery for the end-user.

How to Fast Track your Automation Journey?

Process Discovery & Prioritization

The process comprises of collect set of processes from customer, collect process documentation, SME Interviews, define high level scope for each process and finalize list of processes to be automated.

Team, Licensing, Infrastructure & Readiness

Predikly and Customer Team Define Expectations & Responsibilities

Optimized & Shared RPA Team

Check if Additional Licensing is Required

Decide Whether to Use Cloud or be on Premise

Infrastructure (Servers, Software & Required Access) Readiness

Use Predikly’s RPA Best Practices

Predikly RPS consist of ROI calculator, automation framework, reusable components/Bots, RPA Dashboard and prefer API against screen recording.

Define Organizational Automation Architecture

RPA in Pockets Vs Organizational RPA Strategy

Cloud Vs Hybrid Vs On Premise

Architecture for Optimized License & Server Usage

Alignment with Customer’s Current Architecture

Scalable Architecture for Faster Deployment

Identify & Build Reusable Bots

Identify Common Sub-Processes

Build Reusable Bots for Common Processes

Organizational Bot Library

Build & Support Bots

In building and supporting bots it includes develop & test bots, customer testing acceptance, simplified & faster deployment, support and enhance bots, upgrade/migrate to latest automation anywhere version.

Ready to take your RPA journey to the next level?