Migration & Upgrade

Migration & Upgrade

To Reduce Operational Risk

Why you need the Migration Services?

Migrating bots to a new version is for enhanced performance, security, and access to the latest features. Ensure optimal efficiency, bug fixes, and compatibility with emerging technologies and stay current with the latest version for guaranteed ongoing vendor support, regulatory compliance, and a better user experience. Predikly has expertise in migrating hundreds of bots between different tools and to higher versions within tools.

Feature Enhancements

Security Updates

Compatibility with New Technologies

Vendor Support

Regulatory Compliance

Long-Term Sustainability

Long-Term Sustainability

Performance and Efficiency

Community and Ecosystem Support

A360 Migration Process

For organization so see substantial benefits of RPA, it becomes imperative to lay out a holistic roadmap for automation. This would enable organizations to improve time to market and avoid ad hoc RPA implementation thereby improving ROI.‚Äč

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