Support & Enhance Your Bots

Support & Enhance Your Bots

For Operational Continuity

You Need a Reliable Partner to Support Your Bots

Organizations spend more than 40% of the IT Budget on Support and Enhancements of Applications. It is important for customers to partner with IT service providers who have experience supporting and enhancing customer bots. Predikly has provided RPA support to more than 50 global customers and managed 1000s of bots over the last 5 years.

Why Support and Enhance the Bots?

Maintain Operational Continuity

Address Security and Compliance Challenges

Optimize Performance

Improve Scalability

Adapt to Technology Trends

Improved User Satisfaction

Innovation Enablement

Business Agility


Bots Enhancement

Suggest Enhancements to Bot Based on day to day Observations and Experience

Minor Enhancements

Code Optimization for Reliability and Better Performance

Identify and Build Reusable Bots

Bot Support & Maintenance

Technical Support & Maintenance (8*5, 24*7, etc.) for Automated Processes

Bot Monitoring Including Status Check, Health Check, Performance Check

Resolution of Issues & Root Cause Analysis

Technical & User Document- ation for Applications Supported

Coordination with Automation Anywhere team for any Product Related Technical issues

Automation Anywhere Software & Infrastructure Upgrades

Ensure Dev, Test and Prod Environments are up to Date

On Premise to Cloud Migration – Use Automation Anywhere Migration Wizard for Faster Migration

Automation Anywhere License Optimization to Reduce Bot Processing Time

Identify and Build Reusable Bots

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