Support & Enhance Your Bots

For Operational Continuity

You Need a Reliable Partner to Support Your Bots

Organizations spend more than 40% of the IT Budget on Support and Enhancements of Applications. It is important for customers to partner with IT service providers who have experience supporting and enhancing customer bots.

Predikly has provided RPA support to more than 50 global customers and managed 1000s of bots over the last 5 years.

In the fast-paced world of technology, having a reliable partner to support and maintain RPA bots is indispensable. RPA bots, being software, require regular updates, maintenance, and sometimes, reconfiguration to meet changing business needs.

A dependable partner ensures that your bots are not just functional but optimized, adhering to compliance standards, and equipped with the latest defenses against cyber threats.

This partnership is crucial for businesses that rely on bots for critical processes, as it maximizes uptime and ensures that any potential issues are swiftly addressed.

A reliable partner is also vital for scaling operations, as they can provide the necessary expertise and support for expanding your suite of bots.

Why Support and Enhance the Bots?

Maintain Operational Continuity

Reliable bot support guarantees minimal disruptions in automated processes, providing businesses with the confidence that their operations will run smoothly around the clock. Maintaining operational continuity with bot support ensures business processes stay uninterrupted, promoting trust in automation’s reliability for critical functions.

Address Security and Compliance Challenges

Ongoing bot maintenance includes implementing security protocols and ensuring that automated processes comply with the latest regulations and standards. Addressing security and compliance through consistent bot management protects against threats and meets regulatory standards, safeguarding business integrity.


Regular enhancement of bots leads to improved performance, ensuring that they operate at peak efficiency and adapt to changing workloads. Optimization of bot performance through enhancements leads to superior operation, maximizing the utility and lifecycle of each bot.

Improve Scalability

Well-maintained bots can be scaled up or down with ease, allowing businesses to respond flexibly to demand. Scalability improvements enable an enterprise to adjust its RPA capabilities with agility, responding to varying demands with ease.

Adapt to Technology Trends

Updating bots keeps them current with technological advancements, ensuring compatibility and leveraging new functionalities. Adapting bots to technology trends keeps an organization at the technological forefront, avoiding obsolescence and maintaining competitive relevance.

Improved User Satisfaction

A well-supported bot framework leads to a more reliable and effective user experience, with fewer errors and more consistent results. Enhanced user satisfaction is achieved by a reliable bot operation, fostering a positive perception of automated services.

Innovation Enablement

Continuous improvement of bots can open up new opportunities for business innovation, allowing companies to explore novel uses for RPA. Innovation enablement through bot support and enhancement allows businesses to explore new opportunities and push the boundaries of what can be automated.

Business Agility

Enhancements in RPA bots contribute to a company’s ability to quickly adapt to new business opportunities and challenges. Enhanced business agility is secured by adaptable bots, providing a strategic advantage in rapidly changing market conditions.


Efficient bot support and enhancement can lead to significant cost savings over time by reducing the need for manual intervention and lowering the cost of operations. Cost efficiency is driven by a well-supported bot infrastructure that minimizes the need for manual oversight and reduces operational expenses.

Bots Enhancement

Suggest Enhancements to Bot Based on day to day Observations and Experience
Minor Enhancements
Code Optimization for Reliability and Better Performance
Identify and Build Reusable Bots

Bot enhancement is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of RPA deployments. Through a process of continual refinement based on operational insights, minor adjustments can lead to significant performance improvements. Optimizing code not only bolsters reliability and speed but also ensures that bots remain robust against evolving digital landscapes.

Code optimization is essential for streamlining performance, reducing runtime, and ensuring that bots can handle more complex tasks with greater reliability. Identifying opportunities to develop reusable bots is another strategic facet, enabling organizations to rapidly scale and deploy automation across various functions without reinventing the wheel for each new process.

This proactive improvement cycle ensures that RPA investments continue to yield high returns and adapt to the changing needs of the business. Together, these strategies create a potent ecosystem where bots are not static tools but dynamic assets that contribute to ongoing operational excellence.

Bot Support & Maintenance

Technical Support & Maintenance (8*5, 24*7, etc.) for Automated Processes
Bot Monitoring Including Status Check, Health Check, Performance Check
Resolution of Issues & Root Cause Analysis
Technical & User Document- ation for Applications Supported
Coordination with Automation Anywhere team for any Product Related Technical issues

Bot Support and Maintenance encompass several critical services to ensure RPA systems operate efficiently and continuously deliver value. Technical support and maintenance are foundational, providing around-the-clock assistance to maintain operational continuity.

Regular monitoring of bots for health and performance metrics is crucial to preemptively identifying and resolving issues, thus avoiding disruptions. In addition to reactive support, proactive analysis such as root cause analysis helps to diagnose deeper issues, preventing their recurrence.

Documenting both technical processes and user guides ensures that knowledge is accessible, empowering users and support teams alike. Coordinating with software vendors like Automation Anywhere is also vital for resolving any product-specific technical issues that may arise.

This preemptive approach, combined with comprehensive documentation and close coordination with RPA providers, ensures that RPA deployments continue to drive productivity and innovation while maintaining alignment with business goals.

Automation Anywhere Software & Infrastructure Upgrades

Ensure Dev, Test and Prod Environments are up to Date
On Premise to Cloud Migration – Use Automation Anywhere Migration Wizard for Faster Migration
Automation Anywhere License Optimization to Reduce Bot Processing Time
Identify and Build Reusable Bots

Upgrading Automation Anywhere’s software and infrastructure is crucial for enterprises aiming to maintain a cutting-edge RPA environment.  Such upgrades involve ensuring that development, testing, and production environments are current, which is vital for the smooth operation of bots.

Moving from on-premises solutions to cloud-based platforms is a significant shift that can increase scalability and accessibility, using tools like Automation Anywhere’s Migration Wizard to streamline this transition. Additionally, optimizing licenses can lead to more efficient bot processing, reducing operational delays.

Identifying and developing reusable bots within this upgraded infrastructure fosters efficiency and accelerates deployment across various business processes. This strategic approach to upgrading ensures that RPA initiatives remain robust, agile, and in line with contemporary digital transformation standards.

Evaluating the ROI on RPA Infrastructure Enhancement

Evaluating the ROI on RPA infrastructure enhancement involves a comprehensive analysis of the initial investment against the tangible and intangible benefits accrued over time.

Upgrades can lead to increased bot efficiency, reduced manual intervention, and lower maintenance costs, contributing positively to the ROI.

Enhancements also often lead to improved compliance and security, mitigating risks that could otherwise be costly.

Additionally, updated infrastructure can enable higher scalability, preparing the enterprise for future growth and technological advancements, thus ensuring long-term strategic benefits.

It’s essential to look beyond immediate costs and consider the value of staying current in a fast-evolving digital landscape.

In-depth ROI analysis after enhancing RPA infrastructure captures both direct financial gains and qualitative benefits. Enhanced infrastructure can lead to more advanced data analytics capabilities, driving better business decisions and competitive advantage.

Enhanced infrastructure also opens doors to integrating emerging technologies such as AI, further amplifying the potential for innovation and maintaining an edge in market agility.

The long-term sustainability and scalability of the enhanced RPA system translate into enduring returns, emphasizing the strategic value of such an investment.