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Our Partners

Augmenting Expertise

Our Relationship with Automation Anywhere

Premier Implementation Partner of Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere CoE Certified partner

An Exclusive Companies to be Part of Automation Anywhere’s Partner Bot Council

Worked with Automation Anywhere to Build Digital Workers

40+ RPA consultants with Advanced A2019 Certification

An Exclusive Automation Anywhere Partner for RPA

Predikly Bots on Automation Anywhere Bot Store

An Online Market Place

Automation anywhere bot store is an online marketplace for RPA bots that run on the automation anywhere enterprise platform.

One Stop Automation

Botstore is customer’s one-stop automation shop to get work-ready bots - Bot Store Delivers Pre-Built, Ready-To-Work, Digital Workforce.

1000+ Bots

Botstore has 1000+ bots ready to customer use.

1000+ Deployments

Predikly has deployed more than 50 Bots on Automation Anywhere Botstore and there are more than 1,000+ downloads.

Create and deploy collections of Actions that securely expose the chosen functionality of your apps and data to AI agents.

Full API and webhooks for integrating Python automations with virtually anything. Any package from PyPi or Conda-forge package are available for you.

Secure and compliant with SOC type 2, HIPAA, GDPR, RBAC, SSO, comprehensive audit logs. Use zero-setup Cloud infrastructure or configure your own to remotely run tasks anywhere.

Over 1500 methods to interact with tools like Playwright, HubSpot, SAP, Salesforce, OpenAI and more. Interact with Excel, Word and Outlook without the app licenses.

Scout captures the users' digital footprint to discover data at scale all the time across all user interactions, applications, people, and geographies

Scout's intelligence turns the data into multiple sources of insights like People insights, Work Insights, and Technology insights

Each of the insights power the tool's capabilities in Task Discovery, Process Discovery, Process Insights, and Process Designer (A. K. A. Scout Studio)

Once a process is finalized, SOROCO platform automatically generates process documentation as well as RPA/BPM code

Computer vision based process discovery platform that automatically maps & documents current processes.

FortressIQ makes it possible for every employee to use real-time process data in everything they do, every interaction they have, and every decision they make.

An automated business analysis tool, automating to some extent, but rather augmenting, the real-world analysis and optimization that will be undertaken by human experts reading and using visualizations to optimize outcomes.

A cognitive automation platform that powers and accelerates digital transformation through imitation learning.

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