Setup RPA Centre of Excellence

RPA Center of Excellence

To Drive Transformative Initiatives With A Unified Vision

Why Should Customers implement RPA CoE?

Establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) will help organizations to streamline innovation, best practices, and expertise. A CoE serves as a focal point for knowledge, collaboration, and standardization, fostering continuous improvement and efficiency by driving transformative initiatives with a unified vision

Setup RPA Center of Excellence

Predikly’s RPA CoE defines the business rules, processes, knowledge, skills, competencies, integration, and tools organizations need to use to perform Process Automation activities. It is an essential step toward implementing and maintaining a mature RPA practice. RPA CoE plays an important role in streamlining the RPA program in order to ensure that resources are being optimally utilized, capabilities are not being duplicated, bot elements (components, infrastructure, best practices) are being reused, and bots built in different parts of the organization are able to interact. Predikly has developed a comprehensive CoE framework based on extensive hands-on experience. Predikly can help in setting up CoE and run the CoE successfully for a certain period of time using its own CoE framework.

RPA CoE Function

RPA CoE Function

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