RPA As A Service

For Quick Wins

Why do Businesses Need Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will change the way you conduct business by helping automate your processes in a controlled, flexible and scalable way. How you navigate the tricky first steps is very important . If you are new to RPA, we recommend you to start simple to see quick wins and make your organization ready for the strategic journey

Predikly’s RaaS

1. Dedicated Virtual Private Cloud environment hosted on cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP etc.
2. A certified environment with comparable security/controls available.
3. A managed service that includes:
➡ Hosting & Infrastructure Setup & support
➡ Software updates & upgrades
➡ Security monitoring
➡ Customer service
➡ RPA & IT Expertise

Know More About RPA

RPA delivers measurable benefits and has a very positive effect on business operations. RPA improves business outcomes and enables competitive advantage by freeing human resources to do more value-added activities, resulting in higher employee engagement and new revenue opportunities.

Automate Processes, Unshackle Your Workforce

Discover Processes

Discover the processes that does not require human intervention to achieve the highest impact for the organisational processes that are worthy for your workforce’s time and efforts.

Quality Automation

Predikly’s automation framework ensures secure and scalable automated workforce for consistent performance and results.

Intelligence Combined

Let your business embark on the intelligence of a human and a machine to achieve desired results. The automated processes cuts on the cost and reduces the workload on your team making them more efficient and productive.

RPA Services

Process Automation Assessment

Reviewing, mapping, and assessing processes is intended to determine whether any process activities can be automated and to define the process flow in sufficient detail to support creation of a pilot RPA program. A stakeholder review is carried out to prioritize and select candidate processes for bot development. We also determine metrics and measures for pre and post automation assessment.

RPA Consultancy Service

As a business, you may not be able to identify processes that needs automation. Our consultants help you in doing so based on which the roadmap for automation is rolled-out. The RPA consultants identify the most appropriate RPA tools and present automation PoCs.

Intelligence Process Automation

Once the automation PoC is approved by the client, we work on the application part of it. The technologies are put to work with an intent to elevate business value and offer competitive advantage to our clients.

RPA As A Service

RPA enables digital transformation to achieve futuristic demands of a business. It automates the day-in day-out processes of the businesses to deliver a competitive advantage.

Automation CoE

The RPA is deeply and effectively embedded in the system. CoE also entails the redistribution of accrued information and resources to harness future dispositions.

Ready to take your RPA journey to the next level?